set database: LEGO 41015 dolphin cruiser

set database: LEGO 41015 dolphin cruiser
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set number: 41015
set name: dolphin cruiser
theme: friends
year: 2013
pieces: 612
price: us$70
minidolls: 3
new friends theme.
come with a dolphin cruiser, a jetski and 2 dolphins.
the cruises has a captain's deck, a waterslide, a kitchen, a living room, a bedroom with 2 beds, a bathroom, a shower, a bow deck with snack bar and chaise lounges.
accessories included fishes, a cell phone, a banana, a plate, a bucket, a hairdryer, a brush, a comb, skis and glasses..
minidolls included mia in lime shirt and light aqua skirt, maya in white shirt and pink towel and andrew in light aqua shirt and dark blue highwaters..
great playability.
overall design is great.
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